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Does Staging Make A Difference?

The simple answer is..... YES!

Home buyers tend to look on line before contacting a Real Estate professional when searching for homes. Pictures with well dressed rooms catch their attention and can prompt them to call and make an appointment to see the home. This is not just my opinion, as the owner of designed 2 sell, it is also confirmed by Real Estate Agents in a survey done by the National Association of Realtors.

Staging isn't just about making a room pretty and up to date, the professional stager also researches the area that the home is located and makes recommendations based on the wants and needs of those potential buyers. For me, having earned a degree is psychology, is a huge plus!

In this post we will be discussing staging a home that is already furnished

If the home is already furnished, the staging professional can make recommendations for better furniture placement to make a room appear larger as well as advising which areas need to be decluttered and or depersonalized.

Notice the dated dining table and chairs on the left in the picture above, we kept their table and turned it to make the room appear larger. We also added updated chairs and added appealing accessories to update the look of the room.

Above, the living room on the left appears cluttered and dysfunctional. We removed the rug (it was too busy for the space) and a chair, rearranged the furniture, and decorated the fireplace and added two lamps for balance. The after photo shows an airy, spacious, inviting living room.

As you can see on the left, the homeowner used this room as a formal dining room. The location of this home draws a certain demographic of the population and in most cases for that group of buyers a formal dining room is not a "must have". It is an area that draws younger people who have very little interest in hosting dinner parties. We removed their furniture and restyled the room as a living room, very inviting to guests and more suited to the needs and expectations potential buyers in this area.

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